Hi dear Reader addict,

In an attempt to end the world, Google removed the share option from Reader.
It got me so upset that I actually re-coded the feature !

It's a userscript (greasemonkey), very easy to install on Chrome, easy enough on Firefox.

Click here to get the plugin:

Once installed, refresh Google Reader tab. You should see a [Share] button at the top-right.

Once an item is selected, click the button to send the item to your public shared feed.
The first time, you will be asked to set a password for your account, and you will receive a validation email.
Click the link in the mail and you're done !

If you find any bug or if you have ideas, drop me a mail (piremmanuel at gmail . com).
If you like it, tell it to your friends, tweet it, open the window and tell everyone in the street.

If you missed it, I also made one to make Reader more compact and less grey: 
If you want to contribute to this project, I'd be very glad. Any webdev can help with Fron-end or Back-end coding. 
Designers are welcome as well, I'd like this project to have some nice landing page.
I'm also looking for a better host. If you have a good infrastructure with high availability, please contact me.

Thank you very much for contributing to this project.