Apr 03

Cute glitch appeared in the process:

Google Reader Share

Nov 03

The morning Google actually made the switch to the new UI and +1 feature, I had the whole day free. Thank God for that ! I quickly went through the sharing options and found out the ugly truth: no more sharing. I just couldn’t live with it and I knew how to recreate it, and so did I.

- Get the plugin -

The word “share” is everywhere now, but gReader’s share had something else. It was not a social share as those guys at Google and Facebook seem to understand it now. It was an open sharing. You did not need to log into some fancy social network with tons of options, where “friends” would be waiting for you to talk in real-time and everything… It was like.. more peaceful. But now they want you on their network. They don’t want you to use standard and open ways to share stuff. I think they’re wrong, and it seems I’m not the only one.

My point in making this plugin is that the share feature should be OPEN and STANDARD. I’m willing to gather a community and define a standard way to share items (anything) via bookmarklet or even a new sharing button in ALL reader apps ! Just like you can tweet any link, you could share any feed item.

Seeing such a terrible update on one of my favorite webapp, I got mad. I spent the whole day coding the damn feature. Short note on the dev part, I insert script tags in gReader’s DOM and use JSONP to talk to lipsumarium.com’s server. And it just worked ! Now the hardest part is coming…

How to tell millions of deceived gReader users the battle is not over ? That we can work together, without Google, to actually have an open way to share, keep using gReader and have friend lists. I’m working hard on Twitter to get the word out. It is crucial that gReader users know about it. So if you can help spreading the news, please do.

Google made a very bad choice here. That’s not how the web should be (notice usually *they* say that), thats why I made it and will continue to enhance it. I host it on lipsumarium.com but somehow temporarily, as if the project get tons of users I’ll need to scale the thing up. But I deeply believe that if a community grows around this project, I’ll find great people to help me with this. I’m not willing to build this project on my own, it should be community driven. The share spirit, well, you got it.

So try it, report any bugs or weirdness and share your ideas for a better sharing web.

erip leunamme by Videogrammo

Feb 18

by Videogrammo

Contemplation de l’angoisse

Nov 25

Visuals for Sebastien Rien’s live @ Antwerp.

Struggle for Internet

Oct 02

This is not the 21st century I expected. I’m in the center of Brussels seeking for decent WiFi since noon today. I found only 2 café/bar with WiFi out of 10 ! The first had a connexion of like 50kb/s, the second couldn’t manage the password and I could not connect.


Phase 3

Sep 17

Between the installation, conference and live, Phase 3 is the catalyst of several researchers (theorists, critics, writers, artists of new technologies, designers, actors, dancers, …). All the actions of each member of the group is the artwork.

Phase 3 | Mons from Sébastien Rien on Vimeo.

All the computers around are running programs from the SOS project. More about this project in a future post. Meanwhile, you can already take a look at SOS.

The installation and the conferences will be soon in Brussels. Check out this page for more info.

Phase 3 official website

MCD Hors série #04

May 12

C’est en cherchant un autre magazine que je suis tombé par hasard sur celui-ci, remercions nos libraires de réarranger leurs sections de temps en temps.Mon sang n’a fait qu’un tour lorsque j’ai vu la couverture, qui me rappelle quelquechose….

Musiques et Cultures Digitales Hors Série #04 se penche sur le VJing, et tente même de mettre de l’ordre dans la foule de nom qu’on lui prête (Performance A/V, Live Cinema, …). C’est aussi et surtout 50 interviews d’artistes internationaux de la scène VJ: Anti VJ, Cellule d’intervention Metamkine, CHDH, Abstract Birds et bien d’autres.

Sautez dessus, il vous le faut ! (En français Et en anglais)

A new design for a new life

May 08

So what do you think of the new design ?

This blog is taking a new turn. With a new stunning design by Paul Marique and my head full of project, I redefine the goal of this blog: from a technical log it moves to presenting my work, my projects, finished or not.

From now on, articles will be in french or english, depending on my mood/awakness.

But hey, what is this generator meta tag ?

Some of you may have noticed that this blog is not a TYPO3 blog, but a Wordpress ! It seems like a heresy, and i’ll sure get punished for that, but who cares of my punishment anyways ? I changed platform after discovering this simple fact: it took me almost a year to figure out how TYPO3 works. It took me 2 hours to figure out how wordpress works, and 1 day to make a theme… Yes indeed, typo is a big factory, allowing anything that could be imagined and support multiple or large scale websites. But come on… you’re not making a huge site like easyFairs (one of my biggest website so far) every day. More on that later.

So, there we are, let this shit begin… will you be there ?