Cellular Automaton

I’ve been playing with cellular automata, and at some point it got mixed with Twitter. The result is @ConusTextilus, my latest Twitter account. The name comes from the natural pattern found on a shell called Conus Textilus:

Conus Textilus

I’ll select the product of Cellular Automaton and post it on Twitter, along with the decimal rule used to produce it.

The hardest part was to find 2 symbols of sufficient contrast that will render with the exact same width on Twitter web and mobile. Too often the ascii art breaks down on Twitter because of such rendering issues. I also made it space-less, because on the web multiple spaces are rendered as one. After some trials, i selected ░ for white and ▒ for black. The best rendering is on Twitter web, detailed view: https://twitter.com/ConusTextilus/status/506476086260404225

If you have any recommandation for a better rendering, I’m all ears..

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