Just coming back from a residence in France (Le Vigan, coproduction OUDEIS) where I worked on a performance with the PHASE3 team. The project was called “Sinon…”.
See the residence blog for more: phase3-sinon.tumblr.com

Photo: Gaspard – OUDEIS

Here is the plot: “Sinon” means “otherwise”, “or else”. It’s about “what will happen if I don’t [do something]“. We don’t know so we produce, we prey, we consume, … endlessly, too afraid of what would happen if we stop doing it. We translated this concept into a techno-mystical religion assisted by a super computer (Ordinateur Central). The story says that this mythic computer has been built by a team of high level scientists, then took to an unknown location on earth. The team lost contact for mysterious reasons, leaving the computer running and the PHASE3 team with a connexion to it.

Ordinateur Central (OC) job is to optimize the real world. It analyses and produce reports and warnings. During the performance, all actions happen because the OC told to. Loud alarms would turn on sometimes, urging the operators to stop it. We don’t understand why we have to do things, but we do it since we highly trust the output of the super computer.

So I had to build this computer (somehow). I worked a long time on it and after the show, I could not let it go. I wanted to make it alive and give it a face on the internet. http://ordinateur-central.com is the web window to Ordinateur Central. There you can see what this super machine is up to. I worked the visuals from a decomposition of traditional “megatron” faces into simpler, more abstract shapes:

It is all rendered without a single image, pure HTML/CSS. (It is possible that it won’t work in IE. OC seems to hate this software…)

ordinateur-central.com will evolve, who knows what OC is up to….