In the very beginnings of noussommesquatrevingt, we started a project “Correspondance num�rique”: Letters to a computer that don’t even exists.

I’d call it “computer poetry”: it doesn’t make sense, it has no real goal. These are visions of digital beauty, not for you, but for the computer that will show it to you.

Later, Sébastien Rien showed us an ongoing work: “SOS”. Lots of computer vomiting tons of fake information. A visual translation of the spreading disease we’re not enough aware of: Excessive information. Everyday we suffer from being forced to synthesize too much information. How many words, ideas, concepts do you read/hear per day ? Much more than you father that’s for sure. We can’t digest that much, but we don’t know it. So we continue to seek for more information, re-read an article we’ve already seen 5 times, and lose the focus.

We tried to complete Sébastien’s work with our own interpretations: Here are some pages explained:


On Internet, the information is endlessly spreading. We get different versions, points of view, reactions and testimonials. This is a good thing, until instead of getting the information, you drown in it. Dissolution takes a texte, and makes a much larger version of it by dissolving ASCII characters into their binary representation. Same information, but untreatable by human.


Se frustrer soi même. La socialisation virtuelle implique une guerre d’ego. Nous ne sommes pas ce que nous sommes. Nous sommes ce que nous montrons que nous sommes. Et puis épier. Et puis se voir.


L’abus. Installer. Désinstaller. Promotion et rappatriement de données. Voulez vous participer. Outil barre c’est l’abus. l’abus. l’abus. Voulez vous participer. Cliquez ici. Vous avez gagné.

L’installation SOS

S.O.S se veut Polymorphique.

Solitaire. S.O.S se trouve visible, autonome, par le biais de l’internet.
Solide. S.O.S prend forme dans le tangible par son installation.
Solicitante. S.O.S se vit éphémère dans sa perfomance audio-visuelle.
Solidaire. S.O.S se veut cohérente dans chacune de ses représentations.
Soluble. Chaque médium que S.O.S rencontre provoque une collision qui amène ses propres questionnements.