So what do you think of the new design ?

This blog is taking a new turn. With a new stunning design by Paul Marique and my head full of project, I redefine the goal of this blog: from a technical log it moves to presenting my work, my projects, finished or not.

From now on, articles will be in french or english, depending on my mood/awakness.

But hey, what is this generator meta tag ?

Some of you may have noticed that this blog is not a TYPO3 blog, but a Wordpress ! It seems like a heresy, and i’ll sure get punished for that, but who cares of my punishment anyways ? I changed platform after discovering this simple fact: it took me almost a year to figure out how TYPO3 works. It took me 2 hours to figure out how wordpress works, and 1 day to make a theme… Yes indeed, typo is a big factory, allowing anything that could be imagined and support multiple or large scale websites. But come on… you’re not making a huge site like easyFairs (one of my biggest website so far) every day. More on that later.

So, there we are, let this shit begin… will you be there ?